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The intelligent dating solution...
for single people who want to meet their match...


Charity Singles Party
* Online Registration for Halloween Evening is now closed *

Monday 31st October 2005 (from 6.30pm)
Meet your perfect match....

Are you single and in your 30's or 40's?

If so, this could be  your opportunity to meet your ideal partner... and support the great work of The Shooting Star Children's Hospice.  On registering for this event and the completion of our personal profile assessment, including a personality and values profile, we will introduce you to hand picked people where possible during the evening...* 

We aim to understand more about...

... the way you think
...your preferred communication style
...what's most important to you

Our TrueRapport approach to matching you with a compatible individual is unique and genuinely offers you the quality of match that you've been looking for, saving you time, money and effort in meeting volumes of unsuitable individuals.  We apply an intelligence to matchmaking and improve the odds for you of finding your perfect partner! 

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Advance Registration Required

Ticket Price: 
At your discretion!  Donations only on the night
(advance registration is required to gain entry)

Monday 31 October 2005 from 6.30pm
Cobra Bar (Teatro), 97-103 Shaftesbury Ave, London, W1D 5DY

How it works...

When you've registered on our event, we will send you a link to an online questionnaire which must be completed and submitted to us before the event.  This provides us with insight into the "real you".  The questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

We cannot, unfortunately, guarantee* you a match on the night, but if there are compatible people attending, we will informally introduce you on the night.. and where it goes from there, is up to you...

Following your 'date' we will get feedback from each person and let you know after the event whether someone that you liked also liked you.  Only with your permission, will we share your contact details.

Most of the evening will be a chance to meet new people with the potential for a matched introduction(s) as well...

...Standing out from the crowd

The intelligent dating solution...
for single people who want to meet their match...


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 * note: The original format for the evening was amended and has been advised to early registered attendees accordingly.  We will not unfortunately be able to guarantee a match on the night.


All profits will be donated to

The Shooting Star Children's Hospice is a charity with no statutory government funding, requiring 2.5 million each year to continue to offer care and support to children and young people living with a life-limiting condition, together with support for their families.  All it's funding comes from charitable donations and fundraising in the local community.

Visit   for more information on this essential work.